Faculty of Navigation

Faculty of Navigation

Faculty of Shipping

The faculty trains students of higher education in full-time and part-time forms of study in accordance with the educational and professional training programs of the first (bachelor) and second (master) level of higher education in the specialty 271 "Marine and inland water transport" specialization: 271.01 "Navigation and management by sea vessels"

The training of higher education seekers in specialization 271.01 "Navigation and management of sea vessels" meets the requirements stipulated by the national and international educational standards in the field of training of specialists in the maritime industry of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Association of Maritime Universities (International Association of Maritime Universities – IAMU)

Training of higher education seekers - future pilot officers, defined by sections A-II/1, A-II/2, A-II/3 of the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers and Watchkeeping, model courses - IMO Model Courses 2014 Edition:

7.01 - Master and Chief Officer

7.03 – Officer in Charge of Navigating Watch

Training of higher education applicants includes:

fulfillment of the requirements of the standards of competence defined by Rules II/1, II/2, II/3 of the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers and Watchkeeping of 1978, as amended; obtaining by the applicant of higher education during the course of training the necessary sailing experience, systematic practical training and experience in performance of tasks, duties and responsibilities of the captain's shift assistant. formation of general, general-specialist and special competences necessary for the successful implementation of production activities in the field of navigation and management of river and sea transport objects.

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